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1st Impressions on Forest Woods

Our first impressions at Forest Woods by City Developments, a 99 years old leasehold condominium to be located at Lorong Lew Lian. The proximity distance to the NEX shopping mall and Serangoon MRT is definitely a huge plus point to the future residences. It is probably less than 10 minutes walk to reach the destinations.

Talking about NEX shopping mall, the crowd is always overwhelming during peak hours, or should i say, at any hours, it is jammed with lots of people, from the elderly to the students. This implies that the mall is popular and contains shops, restaurants and amenities that lure them. So residences at Forest Woods definitely going to love this mall! But if you like quietness, stay away from this mall as you will be drag into the buzzing happenings.

Forest Woods condo is probably going to launch within the next 2 – 3 weeks time and indicatively the price should be around 1400 to 1450 psf which is quite a high price at this soft property market. However given that Forest Woods is developed by branded local developer, CDL, it would be a blue chip investment.

Quality wise from CDL should not deviate far as the recent developments from the developer like Tree house, Gramercy park has received good response from the purchasers.

Inspired by the historical context of “Serangoon” which is believed to be derived from the ranggong bird, a species of stork which abounded in the riverine swamps around Serangoon River or the Rangoon River, the development plans to capture the sense of nostalgia and verdant shades of woods that is present on the existing site.

The architectural language is kept to pure kinds, bridging between the urban and the landscape. Frame design language and the carton takes a more humble approach to complement the landscape, enabling the development to grow into a woods that is living. The riparian nature of the development immediately stands out among the urban neighborhood, recreating the experience of a sanctuary landscape in the heart of the Serangoon estate.

The blocks are arranged to optimize block-to-block spacing. The website planning theory plans to create spaciousness inside an odd-shaped site. When it comes to the architectural layout, the blocks are joint by alternating overlapping lines of varying depths and frameworks, to create intertwining envelopes of overhanging ledges. The façade is complemented by the vibrant blue -&-green landscape that melds from a woods that was “ walk” topic at the eastern end of the e-deck, with a manicured and more orderly design at the western end.

The landscape theory is always to offer a lifestyle that is to engage more with the nature. A living that’s among the woods, celebrating the daily enjoyment together with the big range of exotic and native landscape. It’s also a platform for the kids to grow up with the nature, a place they call home.

Fun for everyone with over 60 luxurious facilities exclusive welcome lobby with wifi, including 150m Adventure Zone pool, 24 hour fitness center, and a stunning 3-storey clubhouse.

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